Invest for life - with a financial life plan

Many of us are currently returning to work after having enjoyed a nice long vacation, where there hopefully has been some time to contemplate life. You might even have had the time to scribble down the things you feel comfortable with in life as well as the things you feel need to change. We like to say that life and your finances are intertwined, and whatever affects your finances affects life. So why waste this golden opportunity and make the most of your holiday contemplations by thinking about creating a financial life plan.

What is a financial life plan?

Picture yourself wanting to start a gelato stand for example. Before you set out trying to find a trolly, produce the gelato and buy cones, you need a proper plan. Where are you going to place the stand? Who’s your target audience? What sort of gelato does everyone like? All of this should be summarized in a business plan.

While this might sound obvious to most people, few think the same way when it comes to their personal lives. A financial life plan could help make your life a little bit easier. Like a business plan, a financial life plan is a thorough document mapping your financial situation, your situation today and your future goals. We use this plan as a starting point and then build on it by focusing on other important areas of life in order to bridge the gap between your present situation and future goals. At Lyra, we describe these areas of importance as puzzle pieces. We believe that everyone stands to benefit from a financial life plan which is why they are at the core of every partnership with our clients.

Three simple reasons why everyone needs a financial life plan:

What’s so great about financial life plans? 

It’s all about you!

You’re the main character in your life! Therefore, there’s no better place to start than mapping out your personal goals and dreams. By putting pen to paper, you exponentially increase the chances of achieving your plan.

It keeps you on track!

Sometimes we lose sight of our goals and in those cases, we need a hand to get ourselves back on track. Your advisor and financial plan help you with any decision-making when you hit a crossroad.

Financial peace of mind

Through your financial life plan you will regain control over your financial situation. Your finances well-managed, simply set your free. 

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