Independent advice

Transparency all the way

And this is precisely why our approach differs from the rest of the industry.

We think differently - we think of you

We are passionate about finding the best solution for our clients and we are convinced that it can only be found when our goals are in line. Our solutions are designed to benefit you, not us. So we are proud to say that Lyra is really independent.

We are certified by the independent organisation CEFEX. They have examined all parts of our operations and concluded that we are credible, transparent and highly skilled, and that our processes are both well-documented and well-structured.

“We are very proud to have been certified by CEFEX, which places us in a small group of well-reputed companies worldwide. Having this certification shows that we put our clients’ interests ahead of our own and that our work is characterised by loyalty and care.”

-Alex Arnbäck, founder of Lyra

We are also members of GAIA (Global Association of Independent Advisors), a global network of companies that work just like us, providing independent, transparent advice. To be part of this network, you have to be independent and provide financial advice based on the client’s interests and not those of any other party. Being a member of GAIA is an exclusive privilege and a clear acknowledgement of how we work.

In other words, when you contact us, you can expect completely independent advice.

Global Association of Independent Advisors

Read more about the GAIA network’s work, objectives and approach to financial advice.

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Centre for Fiduciary Excellence

Read more about CEFEX, its vision for the financial services industry and what CEFEX certification means.

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