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Financial freedom for future generations

The wealth you have built should live on and simplify life for your family for many years to come.
Financial freedom for future generations

Today, tomorrow and the remainder of your life

Thinking long-term and creating a unique financial plan for today, tomorrow and the rest of your life is an important part of our work. We want your hard-earned wealth to benefit and bring happiness to not only you, but also your family for many years to come. For this reason, we also focus on giving the next generation the knowledge and mental framework to assume the responsibility of taking over your wealth. We demonstrate how wealth and values go hand-in-hand, and we prepare you all for the opportunities, challenges and changes potentially awaiting in the future. Part of this work involves being prepared for the eventual transition of wealth to the next generation through guidance on all aspects of wills and inheritance.

A safe space for productive conversations

The work with your next generations is an avenue to rewarding discussions for you and your family. Guidance from an independent advisor is often incredibly advantageous when touching on topics that may be difficult for families to discuss on their own. The knowledge we provide establishes a foundation for happiness and a sense of security for both more senior as well as younger generations.

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Your Portfolio

Our investment philosophy is based on facts, rather than speculations. We know this increases the chances of a positive outcome.


Your Emotions

As the market fluctuates, we are here to help you follow your plan.


Your Finances

Many people think that wealth management is just about the portfolio. At Lyra, we know that’s just part of the story.