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Financial peace of mind on the way toward your goals

With our continuous and partnership-based way of working we ensure that you achieve your goals and dreams.
Financial peace of mind on the way toward your goals

Follow the plan - not your emotions

Your actions and decisions are decisive for your financial success. However, just like the rest of life, you as an investor need to tell apart what lies within your control and what doesn’t. Particularly when you are facing an unpredictable market alone, it can be difficult to determine what productive actions you can take. During the course of our partnership, your values act as a compass when we help you make well-founded decisions through both highs and lows.

An emotional circuit breaker

During the Covid-19 outbreak in the Spring 2020, many experienced challenges keeping a cool head in the face of a crashing market. In these cases, it is especially useful to have an independent advisor on speed-dial for support. Any changes in your financial situation should solely be motivated by changes in life, not by the sound of alarm bells.

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Your Portfolio

Our investment philosophy is based on facts, rather than speculations. We know this increases the chances of a positive outcome.


Your Finances

Many people think that wealth management is just about the portfolio. At Lyra, we know that’s just part of the story.


Your Family

We don’t just focus on you. We also prepare the next generation to manage your assets.