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A robust investment philosophy – for you and your goals

We don’t guess. Our advice is firmly rooted in financial research by some of the world’s leading universities.
A robust investment philosophy – for you and your goals

Facts, not speculation

Most people associate financial advising with building a good portfolio. Our mission goes beyond that – we help you reach your financial goals. That’s precisely why our investment philosophy is based on scientific research. For over 70 years, internationally leading universities have conducted research into how to build an effective investment portfolio. Therefore, we naturally use these findings to guide us in the management of every portfolio that we prepare. 

Your guide through the financial jungle

The investment landscape can be compared to a jungle filled to the brim with products and deals. With our access to institutional products & solutions we will help you achieve a well-diversified portfolio, continuously strengthened by the latest research findings.

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Your Emotions

As the market fluctuates, we are here to help you follow your plan.


Your Finances

Many people think that wealth management is just about the portfolio. At Lyra, we know that’s just part of the story.


Your Family

We don’t just focus on you. We also prepare the next generation to manage your assets.